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Chapter 1: Denomination

The denomination of this Society, a non-profit organization, is The International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, Asia-Pacific Section (ISASS AP as below)


Chapter 2: Purpose

The ISASS AP aims to share/increase knowledge, friendship and develop technical skills in Spinal Surgery in the Asian and Pacific countries.

Chapter 3: Mission

To serve as a global, scientific, and educational society that provides an independent venue to discuss and address the issues involved with all aspects of basic and clinical science of motion preservation, stabilization, technological innovations, minimally invasive procedures, biologics, and other fundamental topics to restore and improve motion and function of the spine. In short, ISASS is dedicated to advancing significant evolutionary steps in spine surgery.

Chapter 4: Business

To attain the purpose stated in Chapter 2 and fulfill the mission in Chapter 3, the ISASS AP implements the works listed below.

  1. Conducting research and enlightening activities on spine surgery
  2. Holding annual meetings
  3. Coordinating activities with associated domestic/foreign societies and organizations, including ISASS
  4. Activities necessary to accomplish stated purposes


Chapter 5: Establishing, Founding (member), and Non-member Countries

The ISASS AP consists of Member countries (establishing and founding countries) and non-member countries.

Establishing and Founding (member) Countries

  1. (1) Korea is the establishing country of ISASS AP.
  2. (2) Founding (member) countries fulfill an active role in establishing, operating, and holding meetings of ISASS AP.
  3. (3) Founding (member) countries are Korea, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.
  4. (4) Korea has six board members as an establishing country, and the member countries have four as founding countries.
  5. (5) Founding (member) countries have the right to vote on important issues concerning the management of society.
  6. (6) The vote shall be decided by the attendance of more than half of the Member countries and by the approval of more than half of the Board members who present.
  7. (7) Board members actively cooperate with ISASS in the operation of the society and academic exchanges and propose opinions on the development of the community.

Establishing and Founding (member) Countries

  1. (8) Up to 2 representatives of Non-member countries will be allowed to attend the Board Member Meeting as observers or prospective board members. Observers have no voice or voting rights in that meeting.
  2. (9) Observers from Non-member countries should attend ISASS AP annual meetings and ISASS AP board meetings for two consecutive years and participate as speakers or chairs in annual meetings to qualify.
  3. (10) In order for a Non-member country to be recognized as an ISASS AP member country, it is determined unanimously by the entire member countries.
  4. (11) Non-member countries are able to propose to host an annual meeting. If they become the host country of the annual meeting, they will be officially recognized as a board member country.

Presidents, Regional Advisor

  1. (12) The ISASS AP president is recommended by the host country of the meeting, approved at the ISASS AP Board meeting, and has overall authority over ISASS AP operation.
  2. (13) ISASS AP has a regional advisor as a liaison with ISASS. The regional advisor is responsible for exchanging advice and opinions on the operation and development of the society with the ISASS AP chair, and the first advisor is the chair of Korea, the founder of ISASS AP.
  3. (14) The term of office and change of the regional advisor can be decided at the ISASS AP presidency meeting if requested.

Chapter 6: Board Meetings

Board meetings are based on being held once a year, one day before the annual meeting, and may be convened additionally at the president's request during the ISASS meeting in the U.S.

Chapter 7: Admission

Board meetings are based on being held once a year, one day before the annual meeting, and may be convened additionally at the president's request during the ISASS meeting in the U.S.

  1.  Applicants must submit the application form to the ISASS AP President. Membership applications will be reviewed by the President.
  2. Board Membership shall be by invitation or application. New prospective board members must be present at a meeting and present a paper during the Scientific Program of an Annual Meeting before being accepted to the Board of Directors. The President will make recommendations for new board members at the Board Member Meeting of an Annual Meeting. This shall be accomplished by a unanimous vote of the members at a Board Member Meeting.

Chapter 8: Withdrawal, Resignations, Disqualifications

  1.  A withdrawal form must be submitted to the ISASS AP President in case of withdrawal.
  2. Board members may be disqualified if they do not attend annual meetings or board meetings for more than two years without presenting justifiable reasons and are deemed unable to support society activities.
  3. Resignations to the Board should be submitted to the President. This will be accomplished at a Board Member Meeting.

Chapter 9: Officers

  1.  Officers of the ISASS AP shall be the President and Board Members. Member consent at the General Meeting is needed for these personnel appointments. The President shall be elected for a term of one year. The President-elect will be nominated at the Annual Board Member Meeting.
  2. The President shall be, in general, supervisor and controller of affairs taking place in the Society. Decisions made by the Society must be reported to the President and authorized to be executed.
  3. The officers shall keep the Minutes of each meeting and maintain records of registration, withdrawals, and any other official events held in the Society.
  4. A secretariat is formed by recommending one person from each member country to communicate important decisions to members and to support the president in performing his/her duties or making decisions.
  5. The office of ISASS AP, including its website, will be in the establishing country, Korea.

Chapter 10: Official Members

  1.  ISASS AP members include medical doctors and all professionals in treatment, research, and occupation related to spinal surgery, as well as orthopedics and neurosurgery, with a certificate or degree to prove their expertise in Asian and Pacific countries.
  2. Membership is open to any medical doctors and all professionals who are interested in advancing the Society’s purpose. ISASS AP shall have two categories of membership: Regular Member and Associate Member.
  3.  A regular member of ISASS AP is a medical doctor with a medical degree related to spinal surgery; other professionals with qualifications can be classified as associate members. Associate members shall be professionals interested in advancing spine surgery as a science and profession who have met the requirements described above.

Chapter 11: Supporting Members

An organization or individual supporting the ISASS AP’s aims is considered a supporting member.


Chapter 12: ISASS AP Annual Meetings

  1. The annual meeting takes its turn in the Member country.
  2. The annual meeting covers various topics related to spinal surgery. It aims to be a comprehensive academic meeting, including all professionals engaged in or interested in spine-related fields, not just orthopedics or neurosurgery.
  3. The establishment and operation of the financial resources of the annual meeting are entirely attributed to the host country.
  4. ISASS AP actively cooperates with the host country to support organizing the scientific program and the recommendation of speakers and chairs.
  5. The host country may allow co-hosting with other societies or countries and shall ensure the honor and status of the ISASS AP and the board members.
  6. Board members and ISASS invited speakers and chairs shall be provided with registration fees waived and accommodation support as a courtesy of participation.
  7. The conditions of this courtesy for board members, ISASS invited speakers, and chairs may reconsider or adjust depending on the financial situation of the host country for the year in which the annual meeting is held.


Chapter 13:

Management of the ISASS AP will be determined at the Annual Board Members Meeting.

Chapter 14:

The ISASS AP fiscal year begins just after the Annual Meeting to the end of the next Annual Meeting.

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